Why Use RF Attendance?

Nearly 58,000 students go missing from school in India every year.

The Automated Attendance system sends an instant SMS to the parents/ guardian that the student has reached school or is leaving school or even if the child has not reported.

It Automates -

- Automated Attendance System
- Reduce time of taking Attendance of Students
- Fast and secure Staff Attendance System with Payroll Management software.
- Free SMS Alert for any emergency, pending fees, present & absent notification.
- Monitor your school's entire department in one school management software.
- Live track every moment of your school Bus.
- Manage your hostel, library & canteen in one click
- and 20+ more module

We offer three technologies for Attendance -

Mobile App Attendance System

This system works without any hardware

L.F Low Frequency

If your student bellow 500 We use L.F

UHF Ultra High Frequency

If your student more then 500 We use U.H.F


It can be read up to 80 mtrs.

We offer LF Technology In School Bus

We also provide latest GPS tracker In School Bus

We also provide latest GPS tracker In School Bus

System Diagram

What is UHF Attendance ?

UHF RFID based Attendance Management System is based on RFID technology for monitoring the presence of employees, visitors or other persons that are issued a RFID Tag. The unique features of this system are:

: Hands free Operation with reading range of 4-5 meters
: Multiple & fast detection of employees
: Integrated attendance system with readers at multiple locations
: Display of employee photo, name, designation and time on the display panel
: Optional Audio Warning to late comers
: Can be used to detect whereabouts of an employee in the premises
: Attendance report generation.
: Cost effective & convenient

How it works ?

Most educational institutions' are concerned about their student irregular attendance. The conventional attendance system consumes a lot of study time and insufficient for real time data updation. Always, manual compilation is required for student attendance ratio calculation.

In our RFID based new system, gives you real-time student attendance record.When a student reaches school or leaves from school, our RFID readers recognize the student identity and gives a notification to the school, as well as parents via SMS.

This system gives real time data to school authority about the student attendance ratio. A hassle free system, by which you can monitor student attendance details online from any location globally.

Some major benefits

- Why waste your valuable time to take students attendance in classroom? Take students attendance automatically from their ID Card. Its Paperless, Go Green.
- Automated Information System to Parents about presence and absence of Students.
- Prevent Class Bunk Of Students.
- Always keep eyes on School Busses and prevent unwanted crime.
- Stop Bus Accident for Over speed, or kidnapping or stolen Bus By using our GPS Tracker.
- In 2016-2017 Academic year we found the 40+ crime cases in school toilet along with Indian Rayon (Gurugram), after a long research we got a solution of Student, staff tracking system also in the same ID card.
- Stop Irregular Attendance and late entry of Teachers & Staff.
- Generate Salary of your total staff within a minute.
- Prevent unwanted entry of Visitor; approve their identity by scanning their Adhar Card.
- Why Students Carrying cash in pockets for school canteen, just fix our software in your school canteen and collect bill from student ID card.
- Prevent losing or stole books from Library.

Some major benefits

- According to a survey 90% of parents are now as busy, they can't check their child's notebook for Homework, with our Mobile App they can track anytime Daily Homework, Notice Board and Academic progress or they can direct chat with class teacher.
- For busy schedule of parents they always forget to attend PTM, or many program in school. Our Advanced Calendar help them to remind for attend those program.
- If Parents miss any program of schools they also see the beautiful photos, Video in School gallery anytime.
- According to Indian Govt. declaration cash payment banned in school from next session, our software helps you to receive online payments from parents without any extra charges.
- Develop your students GK by using our online exam portal.
- The most advantage of our software is its Fast, user friendly & 24*7 Accessible from anywhere.
- If you have hostel also then our Hostel management Software helps you to manage everything in a single click.

We offer three technologies for Attendance -

Student Attendance Machine

Staff Attendance Machine

Unlimited Free SMS

Management Software

Free WI FI Connection

Bus GPS Tracker

Android & IOS App

Complete ID Card

Online Exam

Offline Exam

IP Cam For Bus

RFID For Toilet

We Also Provide RFID System In Wash Room

1. Reader to be installed in girls and boys toilet, if any of boy student, teacher, staff try to enter in girl toilet then SMS & App Notification to be flashed on principal, vice principal, administrator and security.

2. If girl or boy student has left class for toilet and is not back more than 15min then light should flash on class teacher and coordinator mobile if more than 20min principal class teacher, administrator and security.

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