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The world's latest tecnologies provider for office, school and home IT Solutions.

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The world's latest technologies provider for office, school and home IT Solutions.

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Holistic School Management System.

Entry into and exit from school premises is recorded automatically. In case a student does not reach school on time, message will be sent to the parent about his/her absence.

Reader to be installed in girls’ and boys’ toilet. In case a boy student, teacher, or staff tries to enter the girls' toilet then an alert will be sounded

Access to a plethora of information is now available at the click of a button to all stake holders.

Individual students can be tracked outside the school premises also. Each school bus will have a student attendance system and GPRS real time location system.

Issue and Return of books can be managed in a simple way using RFID / Barcode readers leading to a reduction in the required manpower.

Holistic School Management System.

Short stories and news will be broadcasted to parents every week so that parents can teach their children.

Fully versatile management for visitors, hostelites and canteen through RFID technology. In case of complaints, historic information can be accessed for reference.

Detailed notifications of all of them are displayed on the website / mobile application. Administrator has a host of options to directly communicate to all teachers, staff, parents, etc.

A unique tool for parents to track their child’s expenses. The I-card becomes a digital wallet. Parents can remotely load money on I-card and the child can use it for eating whatever he / she wants by just flashing it.

Teachers can conduct online exams by themselves in schools to prepare for future. Coming Soon: Result of school quiz will be sent by SMS to parents at the click of a button.